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Expanding back office capabilities. Engineering platforms for tactical environments. Integrating third-party software and hardware. Tracewell Systems enables Dell technology to reach new markets, deliver more solutions and meet more IT challenges than ever before.

Tracewell T-FX2 Family of Products

Tracewell Systems makes it possible for defense agencies, commercial businesses and OEMs to deploy Dell’s powerful FX architecture “beyond the back office” in settings where standard systems are not designed to operate – places with significant space constraints, locations where environmental factors create unique computing challenges (such as in the air, at sea or on the ground, in a variety or fixed and mobile installations) where integration with specialty hardware or software is critical.

See how Tracewell T-FX2 platforms deliver Dell FX for specialty
and mission critical applications [ Dell Product Education Video   ]

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T-FX2 Family of Products / Dell  

T-FX2 Data Sheet  

T-FX2s Data Sheet / Dell  

T-FX2e Data Sheet  

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Tracewell T-FX2 Platforms at a Glance


Tracewell T-FX2

Short-Depth Form Factor 

Tracewell T-FX2s

Full-Size, High-Power PCIe Cards

Tracewell T-FX2e

Enhanced Storage


Ideal for users that need to deliver the power of the Dell FX architecture in a smaller form factor – featuring shorter depth, lighter weight and increased cooling capabilities.

Ideal for users that need to integrate specialty PCIe cards (such as Nvidia, FPGA, zero client and VDI) into their smaller-footprint FX-based solutions. 

Ideal for users focused on hyper-converged software solutions in a Dell FX2 architecture, including support from the biggest names in software-defined storage.









T-FX2 Data Sheet Download PDF

T-FX2s Data Sheet Download PDF

T-FX2e Data Sheet Download PDF

Tracewell Additional Dell-Enabled Solutions

T-7040 Solution Overview
Tracewell teamed with Dell to create the T-7040, a rack mount solution designed to help organizations manage their thin client projects with data center like efficiency. .

Solution overview Download PDF 

Third Party Technology

Red Hat: Delivering hyper-converged, software-defined storage platforms. Download PDF

VMware: Delivering a secure, software-defined data center in a box. Download PDF


Intel + Dell + TracewellSystems report on the future of hyper-converged computing. Download PDF

Dell joins forces with Tracewell Systems to deliver performance, durability and reliability in any environment. Download PDF