Edge Platform

Compact, High-Performance 
System for Mobile 
and Edge Computing

Product Dimensions:

18"H x 13"W x 3.47"D

The first and only platform designed to deliver complete Azure Stack Hub beyond the back office

The demand for mobile and edge computing are driving the need for servers with two important characteristics – systems that are not only highly compact but that are also capable of supporting enterprise-class, high-performance computing. In short, a new generation of small and powerful platforms.

The T-R6515 was engineered to deliver high-performance systems – featuring 64 cores and 2 TB of RAM – in a compact footprint to support mobile and edge computing. Offering what is typically seen as dual socket performance in a single socket design, the T-R6515 is optimized for high-performance applications and is available in an Airline Transportation Association (ATA) carry-on compliant transit case for maximum mobility.

Use Cases

Ideal for organizations that require a platform that adds significant PCIe capabilities – and the diversity, flexibility and innovation of the PCIe ecosystem – to their complex, compute and storage intensive workloads, including cyber security, virtual modeling and virtual reality, manufacturing, oil and gas, financial modeling and trading, education, academic research and transportation.

Based on Dell Technologies

The T-R6515 was designed, engineered and built from the ground up in partnership with Dell Technologies. The platform is based on the Dell EMC PowerEdge R6515, an enterprise grade server built to deliver breakthrough performance, innovation and compute density in a single-socket, scalable, low-profile design.

The T-R6515 delivers all of the benefits of a standard Dell EMC server in a much shorter form factor – the Tracewell product is only 13” wide and 18” deep, compared to 17.09” wide and 25.88”deep for a standard Dell EMC R6515.

The platform can be ordered through Dell and is eligible for Dell PowerEdge warranty, service, support and secure supply chain.