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June 4, 2015

Tracewell Systems Selects Dell PowerEdge FX for Next Generation Military-Grade High-End Server Applications
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  • Dell technology and Tracewell Systems' trusted innovation offers defense and commercial customers the ability to deliver mission critical data applications in space constrained environments.
  • Modularity and flexibility of Dell PowerEdge FX ideal for ‘beyond the back office’ data center-like applications.
  • Tracewell chooses Dell for solid technical reputation and commitment to U.S. Federal marketplace.

WESTERVILLE, OHIO, June 4, 2015 – Tracewell Systems today announced it has selected Dell OEM Solutions as its partner for the Tracewell T-FX2, a converged infrastructure solution designed on the Dell PowerEdge FX architecture that provides modular storage and compute building blocks as well as unified system management capabilities in a single form factor that can be deployed in harsh and space-constrained environments, such as in the air, on land based vehicles or at sea.

Tracewell Systems has built solutions focused on the Federal business for more than 40 years and selected the Dell PowerEdge FX for its Tracewell T-FX2 small form-factor blade based solutions because of Dell’s solid technical reputation, rapid-refresh cycles, and relevant product roadmap. Additionally, Dell’s commitment to the U.S. Federal market, and willingness to invest technical resources and demo-gear into federal sales cycles to see its solutions succeed was important to Tracewell Systems.

With its short depth, higher operating temperatures and reduced power consumption, the Tracewell T-FX2 is an ideal solution for customers requiring virtualization, big data analytics, database systems or HPC clusters in environments where typical data center solutions are not viable.

The Tracewell T-FX2 is modified to reduce depth, increase cooling capabilities, and provides hard point rear mounting for mobile applications, such as those found in vehicles, aircraft or marine vessels. The 3U system combines the density and efficiencies of blades with the simplicity and cost advantages of rack-based systems and allows common management of up to 20 systems. Future expansion allows direct integration of full size, high power, PCIe cards.  The Tracewell T-FX2 became available on June 1, 2015. For more information, please visit


 “The Dell PowerEdge FX architecture represents the next generation computing platform for the military and aerospace industry. Our T-FX2 product combines our engineering and manufacturing expertise to create a solution that specifically addresses the size, weight, power and environmental needs of this industry,” says Matt Tracewell, VP of Tracewell Systems. “In addition, working in partnership with Dell enables our customers to rapidly integrate new servers and modules throughout the PowerEdge product lifecycle,” he added. 

“By using the flexible PowerEdge FX architecture combined with the engineering support from Dell, Tracewell can meet its customers’ needs for high-end computing solutions that can be deployed in increasingly harsh and space constrained environments.” - Joyce Mullen, Vice President and General Manager, OEM Solutions, Dell.

About Tracewell Systems

Tracewell Systems is the company the nation’s largest military and commercial organizations turn to when they need powerful and reliable computing solutions in environments where size, weight and power constraints pose challenges.  Tracewell applies its engineering expertise to the best commercial technologies on the market to deliver them in small, light and rugged form factors. An unrelenting dedication to engineering client success drives Tracewell to solve mission problems in new and innovative ways. Since 1973, the company has provided design, engineering and manufacturing services, and today delivers new categories of computing systems that collect, analyze and distribute intelligence in any environment.

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