The Groundbreaking


Engineered to support the most demanding GPU-dense computing.

Product Dimensions:

6.9"H x 19"W x 41.6"D

Breakthrough design adds 16 GPUs to a standard Dell EMC PowerEdge Server

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other software-driven, specialty applications are driving the need not only for greater compute power (in the form of processor cores) but also for significantly enhanced GPU-dense computing.

The T-XE8545 was engineered to deliver a GPU-dense platform capable of supporting AI, ML and intense data algorithms in a flexible system supporting a wide range of specialty computing workloads. The breakthrough design makes it possible to add 16 single wide or 10 double wide PCIe GPUs to an already powerful Dell EMC PowerEdge server.

Use Cases

Ideal for organizations that require a platform that adds significant PCIe capabilities – and the diversity, flexibility and innovation of the PCIe ecosystem – to their complex, compute and storage intensive workloads, including cyber security, virtual modeling and virtual reality, manufacturing, oil and gas, financial modeling and trading, education, academic research and transportation.

Based on Dell Technologies

The T-XE8545 was designed, engineered and built from the ground up in partnership with Dell Technologies. The platform is based on the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE8545, an enterprise grade server built for the most complex and demanding workloads.

The T-XE8545 delivers all of the benefits of a standard Dell EMC server with far greater PCIe capabilities, including 16 single-wide or 10 double-wide PCIe GPUs.

The platform can be ordered through Dell and is eligible for Dell PowerEdge warranty, service, support and secure supply chain.